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A gadget to parse & fetch HD photos through lots of (360+) popular web galleries

Parse web page structure, extract the real image URL and download them automatically in group

  • The design principle is "Clean, Simple & Efficient", easy to use, Smart Rename photo capability; with Picasa & GDrive (Google Docs) uploader.
  • Search and Create Web Folder/Album directly in TextBox of Cloud service dialog; type to search, press Create button to create album/folder.
  • One Omni-button in main dialog, it support (batch)download/cancel function and adjustment(+/-) of URL pattern such as page-id (e.g
  • You can Preview (F11 for fullscreen) the picture when downloading, Ctrl+C to copy item URL which can be opened in browser.
  • Press Spacebar to Show/Hide left list view panel for better appreciating images; Shift+Space to reset main dialog layout.
  • Upload your local pictures to Google Docs (GDrive), Picasa Web Album, Flickr and Facebook web storage service.
  • Press (Shift+) F4 to set your Picasa Album public or private in Picasa dialog. Super easy, this is a new feature!
  • For user convenience with always updated application package, add ClickOnce deployment support. (recommended)

If you have other pretty nice gallery sites to be shared, feel free to share them in discussions.

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